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Signia Hearing Aids

Owned by WS Audiology, Signia belongs to one of the most popular hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Through its cutting-edge technology and innovations, Signia hearing aids provide enhanced listening performance that continues to improve the lives of people with hearing loss.

Our Melbourne, FL audiologists are able to assist you with any Signia Hearing Aid-related issues or questions.

Signia Hearing Aids Technology 

Augmented Xperience (AX) technology platform

Experience unrivaled speech quality and impressive immersive soundscape with Signia’s game-changing Augmented Xperience. This platform employs cutting-edge technology with Own Voice Processing 2.0, Auto Echoshield, and HandsFree features that enable augmented hearing with superb speech clarity.

Custom-made Rechargeability

Signia hearing aids are known to be the first custom hearing devices with contactless charging and Bluetooth.

Signia Hearing Aids Powered By Signia Xperience

Signia offers a whole new level of listening experience with its revolutionary technology bearing the smart chip and operating system. 

Signia Xperience is designed to provide a more natural and personalized hearing experience, using advanced signal processing algorithms to reduce listening effort by optimizing speech understanding.

The technology is available in various hearing aid styles, from behind-the-ear to completely-in-canal hearing aid.

Signia Hearing Aids

Harbor City Hearing Solutions is an authorized provider of Signia hearing aids in Melbourne, FL.

Insio Charge&Go AX

Insio Charge&Go AX is custom-made earplug that fit discreetly in your ear canal. Insio Charge Go AXThey are the first hearing aids to feature lithium-ion contactless charging. This means you can simply place them in the designated Charger without worrying about lining up the charging contacts.


Signia Active

The Signia Active earbuds are equipped with sound sensors to adjust to any acoustic situation. They fit comfortably in your ears with sleeves that match every ear. The Signia Active Pro earbuds are specially designed to handle hearing challenges expertly, providing true-to-life sound.

Styletto X

Styletto X changes the way people see hearing aids. It is a sophisticated piece of hearwear with a refined fit and design.

Signia Xperience Styletto X charger on the go 1920x1080

It has a miniature portable charging case and is known to be the world’s pioneering hearing aid charger that is powered by Qi wireless technology.

Styletto AX charger Qi mat 1920x1080

Silk X

Signia Silk hearing aids are one of the smallest hearing aids in the world. They sit discreetly inside your ear and are fitted with soft-silicone Click Sleeves that ensure a comfortable and secure fit in the ear. The Click Sleeves come in 4 different sizes, so they can fit most people’s ears.

Signia Xperience Silk X fingers 1920x1080

With the Click Sleeves, you don’t have to wait for the hearing aids to have an available size like you would have to with other in-the-ear devices.

Silk Nx

Silk Nx is the tiniest, ready-to-wear hearing aid from Signia. It has super soft silicone sleeves and is 20% smaller than its predecessor. If you are looking for a virtually invisible in-the-ear hearing aid from Signia, Silk Nx is the ideal choice.

Pure 312 AX

Even though they are small, the Pure 312 AX hearing aids carry Signia’s best technology for clear speech, even in noisy environments. They easily connect to the Signia app, which has the Signia Assistant and TeleCare support.

The Signia Assistant is powered by artificial intelligence, which gives users immediate help when needed. The Pure 312 AX hearing aids are powered by batteries that last around 4 days, perfect for people who are always on the go.

Pure Charge&Go T AX

The Pure Charge&Go T AX offers an amazing hearing experience that is better than anything else out there. With a feature called augmented hearing, this device makes speech much clearer and more immersive.

Pure Charge Go AX graphite portable charger 1920x1080

The technology in Signia hearing aids is powered by the same principle as 3D movies, where key images appear directly in front of people while the background remains further away.

Signia Pure Charge&Go X offers a unique technology that powers hearing aids with two separate processors – one for surroundings and one for sounds in focus.

Pure Charge&Go X

Pure Charge&Go X can withstand a full day of listening and streaming thanks to its heavy-duty performance. It has a fast charging option that gives users a quick power boost any time of the day. 

Xperience charge Pure Charge Go 1920x1080

Pure Charge&Go Nx

Enjoy pure sound with direct streaming with Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx.

Pure 312 X

The sleek and elegant Pure 312 X will enhance your style with its unique colors. Soft curves make this hearing aid perfect for hours of wear, while the high-end finish adds that extra touch of sophistication. 

Pure 312 Nx

With its small, elegant housing Signia’s Pure 312 sits unobtrusively behind the ear. The natural sound experience and superior connectivity make it perfect for audio streaming from your smartphone or TV! You can control this device remotely with a phone using the free dedicated app. 

Pure 10 Nx

Signia’s tiny Pure 10 Nx earpiece is nearly invisible and can be remotely controlled with your smartphone. It features an automatic system that makes adjustments without necessarily pushing any buttons.

This sleek device gives high-quality sound without any interference from other sounds in the environment.

Pure 13 Nx

Signia Pure 13 Nx brings you closer to your favorite media artists. It delivers the most natural sound experience and superior connectivity. With long-lasting battery life for streaming audio from smartphones or TVs without interruption – this is an ideal choice for users who want to enjoy a whole day of streaming.

Motion X

Motion X chargers 1920x1080

Signia Motion X creates a seamless listening experience by recognizing when a wearer is moving. The device lasts up to 61 hours and can be easily recharged anytime, anywhere. Durable and highly-functional, Motion X offers Signia’s innovative technology for a wide variety of listening needs.

Motion Nx

Motion 13 is a sleek, behind-the ear personal hearing solution that offers customized fit and handling options. The small size makes it extra comfortable to wear while the ergonomic shape ensures proper seal for reliable performance in any environment.

Motion Charge & Go Nx

Motion Charge & Go is here to help you hear better. It offers the most natural sound with wireless rechargeability. It comes with a smart inductive charger and can accommodate mild-to severe hearing loss.

Insio Nx (IIC/CIC)

Signia’s Insio is the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy listening without being distracted by outside noise. This tiny earphone has cutting-edge technology that delivers an extremely natural hearing experience, and can even be controlled remotely.

Insio Nx (ITE/ITC) Bluetooth

Signia Insio Nx is here to restore your ability to hear the things that matter most. Whether you’re dealing with difficult hearing environments or just need a little boost, this device has an innovative design and state-of-the-art technology for anyone who wants to enjoy better communication.

Intuis 3

Intuis 3 family of hearing aids is the perfect solution for those who suffer from mild to severe levels of hearing loss. It offers reliability, clarity and comfort while providing maximum discretion with remote controls options via Signia app or miniPocket™ device.


Signia Primus Line

Ace primax

The smallest of the primax family, Ace primax is a light and comfortable hearing aid. Despite its compact form, it packs powerful features to deliver natural ease for those who need help listening in noisy environments.

Pure primax

The new Pure Primax combines luxurious sophistication with the power of Primax technology to provide binaural hearing for wearers. This small, stylish and discreet aid allows hassle-free listening in any listening situation.

Carat primax

The Carat Primax is a high-performance hearing aid that delivers optimum performance to help you hear better. Built with all of the advantages from its primax platform, this discreet RIC device can be used by those with almost any level or type of hearing loss!

Cellion primax

Ideal for users who don’t want the hassle of switching batteries, Cellion primax automatically commences charging as soon as it’s placed in its inductive charger. With smart electronics that turn on and off with your needs -it’ll be ready when you are! This handy device offers up to 24 hours of straight usage without recharging so one charge can last multiple charges between uses.

Motion SP primax

Motion™ SP is a compact, high performance hearing aid for people who have severe to profound hearing loss. These devices deliver the best speech comprehension in difficult noisy environments and come with an improved fitting range so you can wear them more comfortably than ever before.

Motion P primax

Motion™ P offers a sleek and powerful solution where it’s needed. It meets the needs of all wearers who need every bit of audibility available while providing excellent reliability, ease-of use – even for those with eyeglasses!

Motion SX and SA primax

Hear with ease all day long. The Motion™ SX and SA primax models offer wearers maximum comfort, convenience, adjustability. With its sleek BTE design, these hearing devices are packed full of functionality that lets you hear clearly anytime, anywhere.

Motion S primax

The Signia Motion™ S primax is the ideal hearing device for people who want to enjoy rich, clear sound in any listening situation. It’s small and powerful enough to effortlessly pick up sound that matters most.

Silk primax

Silk primax Click CICs are the perfect choice for people who want an easy-to wear, discreet and no fuss hearing solution.

Insio primax

Insio primax is the perfect choice for those who want discretion and performance. These models ensure complete comfort, can be controlled remotely with total convenience in mind.


If you’re living with untreated hearing loss, Signia has the perfect solution for your needs. Their new CROS devices can be customized to fit both left and right ears. The new in-ear design offers comfort and style that allows you to enjoy a truly balanced hearing experience.


Inductive charger II closed LED Pure Charge Go X 1920x1080The CROS Pure 312 AX is a sleek and stylish device that offers all of the benefits you would expect from Signia. It comes equipped with long lasting batteries for a full day of usage. The 24/7 virtual Signia assistant is also a great companion for on-the-go device tweaks and programming.

Signia Hearing Aid App

Signia app

The Signia app includes an artificial intelligence called the “Signia Assistant” that offers one-touch access to hearing settings. You can use it for instant device assistance in any situation.

Additionally, TeleCare feature provides 24/7 support from experts around the globe who can address any  concerns or difficulties with sound perception, without users needing to come into the office for a physical visit.

Signia Assistant screenshot chat 900x1200 new design

Apple App Store

google play badge en 300

Signia Hearing Aid Accessories

StreamLine Mic

The Signia Streamline Mic is a revolutionary device that can turn any hearing aid into something more. It also gives users the ability to stream music from smartphones or laptops in conjunction with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant- making it a truly versatile accessory.

StreamLine TV

Streamline TV has made it easier than ever to listen and watch at the same time. Signia hearing aids are able to receive audio from your television, so you don’t have separate devices or download an app for this purpose – all within one sleek interface!


Hear freedom with the miniPocket accessory from Signia. Imagine being able to take your hearing aids anywhere without having a bulky remote or smartphone in tow. This innovative device is so small, it can even fit on an average-sized keychain – making it perfect for anyone who wants discreet control of their listening devices at all times.

EarWear 3.0

The new miniReceiver 3.0, ThinTube 3.0 and Eartips make it easier than ever to wear your hearing aids in comfort with a secure fit that won’t fall out or get lost behind the ear.

Signia Hearing Aids in Melbourne, FL

Harbor City Hearing Solutions is an authorized provider of Signia hearing aids in Rockledge, FL and Space Coast. 

To know more about Signia hearing aids and accessories, visit us at our clinic or contact us to schedule a consultation with our audiologists!

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