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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron hearing aids are produced by a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer based in Waterloo Region, Canada. Founded in 1964, Unitron is proud of its legacy of excellence and commitment to creating high-quality hearing aids in terms of performance, design, and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Unitron Hearing Aids?

Unitron has been making its name in the hearing aid industry, receiving severalaccolades including 7 Red Dot Awards (2014-2021) one of which falls under the ‘Best of the Best’ category in 2017. With more than 50 years of engineering experience, you can rely on Unitron hearing aids to be at the forefront of industry-first innovations.

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Unitron Hearing Aids 2023

Unitron Moxi 

Every style in the Moxi receiver-in-canal (RIC) family is specially designed to meet various listening needs and help improve the overall quality of life through better hearing and communication.

Moxi All R

Moxi All

Experience seamless connectivity as Moxi All connects directly to all mobile phones* – not just iPhones®.

Moxi Now

Moxi Now

This is the world's smallest wireless receiver-in-canal hearing aid with a 10A battery.

Moxi Fit

Moxi Fit

This features the award-winning style of Unitron hearing aids. It is powered by a 312 battery, push-button, and telecoil.

Moxi All R 1

Moxi All R

Enjoy rechargeable freedom and direct connectivity to all mobile phones.

Moxi Kiss

Moxi Kiss

Ideal for users on the go, Moxi Kiss is fully automatic with a 312 battery housed in an award-winning style.

Moxi Dura

Moxi Dura

A reliable and durable receiver-in-canal hearing aid with a size-13 battery.

Moxi Fit R

Moxi Fit R

Listen on the go with Moxi Fit R’s flexible rechargeability wrapped in award-winning design.

Unitron Shine Rev

The Unitron Shine Rev line of hearing aids offers best-in-class features that work together to make natural hearing accessible for patients of all ages.

Unitron Shine Rev

Shine Rev M

Discreet yet highly durable with 312 batteries and program push-button for easy, on-the-go adjustments.ᅠ

Shine Rev S & HPm

Its durable and robust shell styles include a 13 battery size with volume control and a program push button.

Shine Rev HP

If you need a high-power hearing device, Shine Rev HP is an ideal choice. It comes with a 675 battery for longer battery life.

Unitron Stride

Stride hearing aids are powered by Tempus platform and designed with the impressive aesthetics, comfortable fit, and intuitive controls that create an excitingly functional user experience.

StrideM R S2 AmberSuede

Stride M R

Ideal for people always on the go, Unitron Stride M R is a revolutionary rechargeable hearing device

StrideM 34Left LeftEar SlimTube S7 TealBlast LG RGB

Stride M R

Delight in top-of-the-class power and a telecoil in Unitron’s newest 312 behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Stride P

Stride P

Go wireless with Unitron Stride P. It comes with a size 13 battery and a stylish design with dual controls.

StrideP Dura S7 TealBlast

Stride P Dura

Durable and highly functional, wearers can go through the day with confidence knowing that their hearing aids are not only sleek-looking but moisture-resistant as well.

Unitron Max

Unitron Max is powered by Tempus platform and comes with three new Super Power pre-sets to lessen fine-tuning and adjustments. From the first fit, patients can enjoy greater hearing satisfaction and listening confidence.

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Max SP 

Max SP is one of Unitron’s super-power hearing aids with a durable design.

Max UP

Looking for a powerful behind-the-ear hearing aid? Unitron Max UP should be on top of your list. 

Unitron Insera

The Unitron Insera in-the-ear hearing aid line provides the best directional performance in custom products. Speech is easier to understand and wearers hear sounds as naturally as possible. Unitron Insera hearing aids are available in IIC, CIC, mini canal, mini canal directional, half shell, and full shell.

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Unitron Hearing Aid Apps

Unitron Remote Plus app

The Remote Plus app lets patients wearing Unitron Moxi All share in-the-moment impressions of their hearing instrument performance and sends notifications that help wearers stay on top of their satisfaction. Unitron Remote Plus app gives patients more control by allowing access to adjust the programs, volume, and balance of their hearing instruments, all from their smartphone.

Unitron uControl app

Adjust your hearing instruments and share real-time feedback on performance with the Unitron uControl app.ᅠ

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

TV Connector

Easily connect your Unitron hearing aids to streamer-free TV. With the TV connector, you can instantly enjoy high-quality stereo sound wireless through your hearing instruments. This means that everyone in the room can watch TV at a comfortable volume. The TV connector also works with tablets, laptops, and stereos.

Rechargeable kit

Convert any Moxi Fit, Moxi All, or Stride M into a rechargeable solution.


Enjoy discreet connectivity to wireless devices including smartphones, TVs, and Bluetooth MP3 players.


Serving as a personal wireless microphone system, hear conversations more easily in challenging listening environments. Simply attach uMic using the built-in clip or lanyard loop and wirelessly send audio directly to both hearing instruments through uDirect 2.

uDirect 2

This hands-free accessory provides wired or wireless connectivity to mobile phones, FM receivers, TVs, and MP3 players. There is an optional lapel microphone that allows wearers to position the uDirect 2 under a jacket and to enjoy crystal clear phone conversations.

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