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Hearing Aid Batteries

Just like any other electronic device, hearing aids need batteries to work. For many years, most hearing aid batteries are tiny button batteries that needed to be changed every few days or weeks.

However, thanks to recent advancements in technology, modern hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries.

When choosing a hearing aid, you should consider the battery type that would work best for you.

Two main types of hearing aid batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Modern hearing aid batteries come in a rechargeable lithium-ion unit. It’s best to charge these batteries when you put them away for sleep so that they will be ready to power your hearing aids throughout the day.

Standard disposable batteries

Before rechargeable hearing aids became a standard, all hearing aids came with disposable batteries. There are two main types of hearing aid batteries- disposable and rechargeable. 

Disposable batteries need to be thrown away after they are used, while rechargeable ones can be used multiple times. Rechargeable batteries work by plugging them into an outlet to charge. 

A popular type of disposable battery is the zinc-air battery. These are air-activated batteries that come with a factory-sealed sticker.

Once the sticker is removed and the battery is exposed to oxygen, it will activate. Zinc-air batteries usually last for up to three years if they are stored in a room at normal temperature and in a dry place.

Easy Color-coding for Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries

Batteries may come in various sizes, but for most consumers, they look pretty much the same at first glance. Hearing aid manufacturers have color-coded hearing aid batteries to make it easier to distinguish and avoid purchasing the wrong battery size.

Below are the sizes and their corresponding colors:

  • Size 13 batteries – orange
  • Size 675 batteries – blue
  • Size 10 batteries – yellow
  • Size 312 batteries – brown

Life of Hearing Aid Batteries 

Normally, smaller batteries do not last as long as larger batteries. Non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries can last between 5-14 days, based on how often they are used.

The life of a battery is dependent on the size of the battery and how much power the hearing aid needs. Non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries can last between 5-14 days, based on a 16-hour usage. 

Below are the average lifespan of hearing aid batteries according to their sizes:

  • Size 675 – nine to 20 days
  • Size 13 – six to 14 days
  • Size 10 – three to seven days
  • Size 312 – three to 10 days

Your hearing device might not be working as well if it’s having battery issues. When this happens, a visit to your hearing care provider will make sure that everything is in perfect condition and operating smoothly for you.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions can check your hearing aid and batteries to help make sure that you are receiving the best results possible from your hearing device.

How To Extend Hearing Aid Battery Life

Making an effort to extend the lifespan of your batteries could help save time and money in the long run. Here are some helpful tips to help extend the battery life:

  1. Turn the device off when not in use. Some hearing aids have an auto shut-off feature, but it’s still good to double check if the device is turned off once you remove it from your ear(s).
  2. Leave the battery compartment open overnight to let any accumulated moisture dry out.
  3. Avoid storing hearing aid batteries in environments with extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold).

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