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 What is an audiologist?

What is an audiologist and what do they do? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and discuss the advantages of consulting an audiologist prior to purchasing hearing aids. 

What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a healthcare professional who is trained in identifying, diagnosing, treating, and managing hearing and balance disorders. They specialize in providing comprehensive hearing evaluations, and are trained to recommend and program hearing aids, hearing protection, and assistive listening devices. Audiologists can also offer counseling to patients and their families to help them cope with hearing loss and related speech difficulties.


Audiologists usually acquire a master’s or doctorate degree in the field of audiology, receiving extensive knowledge of hearing loss and its causes, the anatomy and physiology of the ear, and the latest technologies in hearing aids, hearing protection, and assistive listening devices. 

They also work closely with other healthcare professionals, such as ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists, to provide comprehensive hearing management for patients with hearing and balance disorders.

Advantages of Consulting an Audiologist

With so many hearing aids available online or over the counter, the need to consult with an audiologist prior to making a purchase is more relevant than ever. 

Below are some advantages of consulting with an audiologist:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Diagnostics and Evaluation: Audiologists have received intensive training to provide comprehensive hearing evaluations. They can perform a series of tests to determine the type and extent of hearing loss. Based on the evaluation results, audiologists can recommend the best treatment options, whether it involves hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive listening devices, or a referral to another healthcare specialist.
  • Customized Treatment Plan: Audiologists are trained to take a tailored-fit approach to hearing healthcare. Hearing loss is unique for each individual, so it is only fitting that the intervention or management methods will also be unique. 

Audiologists will also  work with patients to develop a highly-customized treatment plan that addresses specific hearing requirements and lifestyle preferences. This may include recommending a certain type of hearing aid/hearing aid accessory/assistive listening device, or creating communication strategies to manage hearing loss.

  • Fitting and Adjustment of Hearing Aids: Hearing aids, just like hearing loss, are unique and are not created equally. They are not “one-size-fits-all” devices. Hearing aids must be properly fitted, programmed, and adjusted to ensure optimal performance and comfort. Audiologists are trained and licensed to fit and adjust hearing aids to meet a wide range of hearing needs.
  • Follow-Up Care and Maintenance: In most cases, hearing loss is a chronic condition that needs regular check-ups, monitoring, and management. Audiologists offer follow-up care, including regular hearing check-ups, hearing aid maintenance/repair, and adjustments to ensure that hearing aids are still providing optimal performance.
  • Updated With the Latest Technologies: Audiologists are up-to-date with the latest technologies and developments in hearing aids, hearing protection, and assistive listening devices. They are the best healthcare professionals who can recommend the most appropriate devices that use the latest technology to give you the best possible hearing improvement.

Audiologists in Melbourne, FL

If you are experiencing any hearing or balance problems, we encourage you to consult with an audiologist. If you are planning to purchase a hearing aid, it would also be a good idea to consult with an audiologist and get a hearing test.

This would ensure that you are receiving the best possible hearing improvement from a hearing aid, and you would also be receiving a comprehensive hearing evaluation along with a customized treatment plan. Audiologists provide accurate device fitting and adjustment, follow-up care, and access to the latest hearing aid technologies. 

If you are looking for an audiologist in Melbourne, FL, contact Harbor City Hearing Solutions for an appointment!

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