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Starkey Hearing Aids

Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is one of the pioneers when it comes to hearing aids and hearing healthcare solutions in general.

To date, Starkey owns and operates various hearing brands in the market such as Starkey HearCare, NuEar, Audibel, and Microtech.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions is an authorized provider of Starkey hearing aids in Melbourne, FL. Our audiologists are here to assist you with any of your Starkey hearing aid needs or questions.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Evolv AI

This hearing aid is the world’s first hearing aid capable of tracking a wearer’s activity and wellness. Users can enjoy seamless connectivity and hands-free conversation with Starkey Sound® and 2-Way Audio. Starkey evolv ai family

Experience automatic sound optimization perfect for tuning out background noise to hear sound clearly amid social distancing and other face mask obstacles.

Only wireless custom-rechargeable hearing aid

Starkey Evolv AI is a cut above its competitors being the only wireless custom rechargeable hearing aid on the market. Compared to its previous models, Evolv AI offers an additional 40% reduction in noise energy specially designed to lower listening effort.

Available styles:


    • Behind-The-Ear (also available in rechargeable)

    • Receiver-In-Canal (also available in rechargeable)

    • In-The-Ear (also available in rechargeable)

    • In-The-Canal (also available in rechargeable)

    • Completely-In-Canal 

    • Invisible 

Starkey Livio

Starkey Livio hearing aids offer superb sound quality and easy connectivity ideal for users always on the go. With a reliable streaming performance, effortlessly pair with your favorite digital devices and accessories and connect to the world with confidence.try livio edge ai m

Livio can connect to iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth technology. The Thrive Hearing Control app allows users to easily manage hearing aid settings and many other device programs and features.

Smartest rechargeable solution

Starkey Livio can deliver up to 24 hours of hearing in just one full charge. Enjoy portable charging without needing to plug the device into the wall with its smart premium charger.

Available styles:


    • Behind-The-Ear (also available in rechargeable form)

    • Receiver-In-Canal (also available in rechargeable)

    • In-The-Ear (also available in rechargeable)

    • In-The-Canal (also available in rechargeable)

Starkey Picasso

Custom-hearing aids provide comfort on a whole other level because it fits the unique ear anatomy perfectly. If you are looking for a customizable hearing aid that can offer tinnitus relief, Starkey Picasso is an ideal option.try picasso

Picasso delivers the most personalized hearing experience possible which is designed to:


    • Offer a sleek and discreet fit

    • Deliver world-class sound quality and superb listening clarity

    • Sit completely inside the ear 

    • Stream phone calls, TV, music, and more

Available styles:


    • In-The-Ear

    • In-The-Canal

    • Completely-In-Canal

    • Invisible-In-Canal

Starkey Hearing Aids Technology

Health and Activity Trackers

Some Starkey hearing aids come with health and activity tracking features, such as Starkey Livio AI and Livio Edge AI. These hearing aids are equipped with sensors that can track physical activity, including calories burned and steps taken. They also include features like fall detection and alerts in case of a fall.

Starkey hearing aids use artificial intelligence to monitor hearing health, including providing feedback on listening and communication habits and tracking daily noise exposure. The data can be used to optimize hearing health and improve hearing aid performance.

Starkey Hearing Aids Awards

Starkey continuously provides world-class and high-quality hearing solutions. Below are some of its accolades in 2023:ᅠ

  • 2023 Silver Award for Medical Devices Genesis AI
  • 2023 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Genesis AI
  • 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award winner, Genesis AI


Starkey Hearing Aid Apps


The Thrive Hearing Control app makes it easy to control your hearing aids. You can easily change settings, create memories, adjust the volume, and more. The app works seamlessly with Evolv AI to give you the best possible hearing experience.

Starkey Hearing Aids in Melbourne, FL

At Harbor City Hearing Solutions, we are committed to providing our patients with the best hearing solutions that match their lifestyle, budget, and hearing requirements.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions audiologists in Melbourne, FL, are authorized providers of Starkeyhearing aids and accessories.

Contact us today to know more about Starkey hearing aids and find the best solutions for better hearing!

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