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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are willing to pay for audiology treatments out of pocket, you can self-refer to an audiologist. There is no need to contact a doctor if you self-refer. However, if you intend to use your insurance to fund the consultation, testing, and other costs, you must first obtain a referral from a physician.

A physician recommendation is required for all diagnostic audiological therapies presently reimbursed by Medicare. Furthermore, the goal of the examination is determined by the primary reason for the referral. A relevant symptom, sign, or complaint must be used to justify each diagnostic approach or therapy.

A hearing aid specialist may conduct hearing tests and recommend the best hearing aid for a particular client’s hearing loss. Audiologists can test for and diagnose a broader spectrum of hearing and balance problems. Audiologists are medical professionals who study the pathophysiology of hearing loss and can determine the underlying cause. Hearing aid specialists can only fit hearing aids and conduct hearing tests.

Hearing aid dispensers (HADs) are fully qualified professionals who can test hearing and offer after-care services for hearing aids. Hearing aid dispensers must be certified and licensed in order to use hearing technology. Meanwhile, audiologists may test and diagnose a greater range of hearing and balance problems. An audiologist may be more beneficial for medically relevant therapies such as balance difficulties, noise-induced hearing loss, and earwax impactions. Both are qualified to fit, adjust, maintain, clean, and repair hearing aids.

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