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Hearing Aid Services in Melbourne, FL

Harbor City Hearing Solutions audiologists in Melbourne, FL, are trained to provide comprehensive hearing aid services and hearing solutions.

Hearing aids are the leading solution to improve, manage or treat hearing loss. There are a wide range of hearing aid services from selection, fitting, adjustments, and repairs.

Depending on the type and severity of hearing loss, hearing aids can provide a dramatic change in one’s perspective of hearing loss. 

We can help you choose the best hearing aid fit ideal for your hearing needs and lifestyle. We also offer hearing aid maintenance, repair, and adjustment services as needed.

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Hearing Aid Services in Melbourne, FL 2

Hearing Aid Selection 

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who are trained to identify and measure hearing loss by performing a hearing test to assess and pinpoint the type and degree of hearing loss.

The results of the hearing test will serve as the basis for hearing aid selection.

Hearing aid selection is more than just choosing a hearing aid; it is actually a crucial part of hearing rehabilitation, preceding the hearing aid fitting, verification and validation processes.

Hearing aid styles

To better understand the process of hearing aid selection, you need to know the different hearing aid styles available on the market:

Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)

As its name suggests, completely-in-canal hearing aids are positioned completely in the ear canal. This style of hearing aid is discreet and can be custom-fit to a wearer’s unique ear anatomy using an ear canal impression.

Individuals with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss can benefit from CIC hearing aids.

In-the-Canal (ITC)

In-the-canal hearing aids have the same aesthetics with in-the-ear hearing aids, but the former is smaller and are positioned on the lower part of the ear. Also known as half-shell hearing aids, ITC hearing aids are ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss.

They can be easily inserted into the ears and provide a high level of comfort.

In-the-Ear (ITE)

In-the-ear hearing aids can be custom-made in two styles – one that fills the lower part of the ear (half-shell) and one that fills most of the bowl-shaped part of the outer ear (full shell).

ITE hearing aids are an ideal choice for individuals who want to get a discreet hearing aid as this style sits inside the ear and usually comes in skin tones. 

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are hooked over the top of the ear and – as the name suggests – sits behind the ear. A tube connects the hearing device to a custom earpiece that is fitted into the ear canal.

This style of hearing aid is ideal for people of all ages and can be used for any type and level of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you have selected your hearing aid, we will order the hearing aid of your choice and have you come back for the initial hearing aid programming.

For patients who choose custom-fit BTE with earmold style or ITE style, we will take an impression of the ear canal to send in with the order.

Once your order arrives, we will check to make sure that your hearing aids actually fit and then we proceed to initial hearing aid programming.

Hearing Aid Programming and Adjustments

Once your hearing aid arrives, we will calibrate it according to a patient’s hearing loss requirements and preferences.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions practice real ear measurement to accurately verify the amplification levels provided by the hearing aid and to ensure that it matches our patients specific hearing requirements.

Real ear measurements 

Real ear measurement pertains to the measurement of sound pressure levels in a patient’s ear canal developed when a hearing aid is worn in the ear.

Also known as probe microphone measurement, real ear measurement is performed with a probe tube being inserted into the ear canal while the hearing aid is also inside.

This aims to measure the volume of a hearing aid across a wide range of frequencies and pitches. Real ear measurement is a staple in our hearing aid services at Harbor City Hearing Solutions.

Why is a real ear measurement important?

Hearing loss, like fingerprints, are unique for each person. When hearing aid manufacturers design and program a hearing aid, they only base it on one size and shape.

This is where audiologists play a key role, adjusting and programming the hearing device based on evidence-based results from an audiogram or hearing test.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids, just like any other gadget or appliance, may experience wear and tear over time. Whether your hearing aids are fresh out of the box or have served you for quite some time, you need to visit an audiologist if you are experiencing any issues with the device.

These small and complex devices are sensitive to moisture, debris, excessive earwax, or physical damage upon impact. Once you notice that your hearing aid is not functioning properly, we highly recommend that you have it checked by an audiologist rather than fidgeting with it or trying to repair it yourself.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions offers minor hearing aid repairs and accepts devices that were not fitted in our office. Our staff is trained to service most major hearing aid brands.

If purchased brand new, hearing aids come with a warranty. However, if the warranty has already expired, we can still repair most hearing aids for a fee depending on the age of the hearing aid and the extent of the needed repair. 

In the event that the hearing aid is severely damaged or deemed irreparable, our audiologist will work with you to help you acquire a new hearing aid. 

Follow-up and Maintenance

An easy way to keep hearing aids in good condition is by practicing proper care and maintenance. Daily hearing aid care includes cleaning the devices daily with a dry cloth, removing the batteries at night to let any moisture out, and examining them regularly for any cracks, scratches or damages.

As soon as you discover any kind of damage or malfunction to your hearing aids, it’s best to relay your concerns to an audiologist right away.

Hearing aid maintenance also involves regular follow-up care at your hearing care provider.

Hearing Aid Services in Rockledge, FL

Life is better when you hear better!

Harbor City Hearing Solutions offers premium hearing aid services and maintenance to ensure that your hearing devices are in mint condition and your hearing is always at its prime. We are also authorized providers of the best hearing aids in Melbourne, FL.

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Are you ready to hear better today?

At Harbor City Hearing Solutions, we take the time to get to know you and get a full understanding of your hearing needs so that we can help you find the right hearing solution. ​

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