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Earwax Removal Services

Earwax is naturally produced by the glands in the ears to lubricate the ear canals and protect it from debris and dust. Typically, earwax clears itself from the ears, but in some cases, earwax can accumulate and cause a blockage.

People wearing hearing aids or earmolds are more susceptible to earwax blockage. When this happens, professional earwax removal is recommended.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions provides professional earwax removal services in Melbourne, FL, and nearby locations.

How Do You Know If You Have Too Much Ear Wax?

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Earwax buildup may manifest itself through the following symptoms:

  • Sudden or partial hearing loss
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Discomfort or pain in the ear

Earwax removal is highly important because if left unremoved, it could lead to infection and other complications.

Keep in mind that earaches, dizziness, or hearing loss may also be triggered by another underlying condition.

See an audiologist if the symptoms are increasing in frequency so that you can get a full medical evaluation to determine if the problem is merely due to excessive earwax or another health issue.

Why Does Earwax Vary in Color and Texture? 

Generally, the color of earwax varies with its age. New or “fresh” earwax tends to be lighter in color, and darkens as it ages and gathers up more dirt and debris. 

The texture, color, and amount of earwax vary from person to person.

DIY Earwax Removal

There are various at-home earwax removal kits available, question is – are they safe and effective?

Earwax removal kits can be purchased over-the-counter in most drug stores and retail stores. Generally, these kits come with a liquid that helps soften ear wax and a small rubber bulb syringe.

The kits come with instructions on how much and how often the liquid needs to be applied to the ear canals. Bubbling or fizzing sensations are to be expected.

It may take several days to remove earwax from the ear using at-home earwax removal kits. There are also contraindications to using DIY earwax removal kits especially for people with existing ear conditions.

It is highly recommended to speak with an audiologist or hearing care provider before attempting DIY earwax removal.

Earwax Removal Methods To Avoid

Most people use Q-tips or cotton swabs in an attempt to clean ears, remove earwax, or loosen a blockage. As audiologists, we strongly discourage using cotton swabs to get rid of wax because it may push the dirt further down the ear canal, risking more damage to the ears.

Cotton swabs should only be used to clean the outer area of the ear. Never insert cotton swabs or any other pointed objects into the ear canal to avoid injuring the inner ear or puncturing your eardrum.

How Does An Audiologist Clean Ears?

Harbor City Hearing Solutions uses the Earigator for professional ear cleaning and earwax removal. The Earigator seamlessly combines the functions of irrigation and an otoscope into one, providing one of the world’s most advanced cerumen control.

The Earigator allows us to safely and efficiently remove even the most stubborn ear wax.

How Does An Audiologist Clean Ears?
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Unlike traditional earwax removal methods, the Earigator allows self-contained temperature control to regulate the water to the body temperature, eliminating the risk of caloric or vertigo side effects.

The Earigator has precise pressure controls to quickly remove deeply-impacted cerumen without endangering the eardrum.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions: Ear Wax Removal Services in Melbourne, FL

When it comes to earwax removal and ear cleaning, it’s best to go with the professionals.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions audiologists in Melbourne, FL, are trained to perform professional earwax removal services to ensure that your hearing is always at its prime.

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