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Patient Testimonials

I first met Dr. Elizabeth White AuD in 2017. I knew at the time that I had experienced some hearing loss from previous tests. After my audiology exam she explained my options clearly and made sure that I understood what choices I had, and she explained the reasoning behind each of them. This was a definite improvement over other audiologists I had visited in the past. I couldn’t be happier with the care she has provided me and the improvement I have experienced.

John Grimanis, Palm Bay, FL

I met and was evaluated by Dr Liz White in the summer of 2016. After 34 years of wearing hearing aids, I was very dissatisfied with the way hearing aids worked for my hearing problems. I still missed out on so much. I was isolating myself from social settings because hearing was so difficult. I have bilateral mixed hearing loss.

I first learned of the Cochlear BAHA 5 attract in June 2016 from Dr. White. I was at my annual audiology appointment and needed to purchase new hearing aids to replace my broken pair. I was not satisfied with the way I was hearing and the negative impacts it had on my life. I was looking for options. Dr. White asked me if I had heard of bone conduction system for hearing. I wore bilateral hearing aids for about 30 years. No audiologist before Dr. White had ever mentioned to me that there was another option other than two new hearing aids.

She put a demo bone conduction headband on my head. I was overwhelmed. I walked around the lobby for a while hearing all the sounds of people talking, office machines running and came back to Dr. White knowing that was how I wanted to hear. She helped me to go forward with the Baha 5 attract system. My hearing journey began when I was activated on 12/14/2016 and has been fantastic. I’m hearing things I haven’t heard for decades.

It has been life changing and I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Liz White for giving me my hearing back!

Virginia Issitt, Melbourne Beach, FL

Several years ago my hearing was tested for the first time – of course, I was shocked and in denial that I should be considering hearing aids. Several years AFTER the initial visit, I began to notice the volume was up – on the computer, the tv, the radio AND when I was unable to hear a siren unless it was very close to me while driving, and one other incident that brought it all to the forefront – my family!!!! I found Dr. White!  She knew and understood I was there kicking and screaming, but she also knew I needed help!  After testing, I was once again shocked at how much hearing loss HAD transpired. She found the right hearing aids for me, they were ordered and I was and continue to be amazed!  Dr. White is a personable young professional – she offers her advice and tells you why she has reached that recommendation. She cares about her patients. I am very confident in recommending Dr. Liz White. She will open your hearing world and you will be amazed! 

Virginia Dukes,  Melbourne FL