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Liz White, AuD

I am so happy to be part of the HearingUp Network. It's so great to collaborate with other Audiologists who want the best for their patients and realize the importance of Best Practices.

I've been a Doctor of Audiology for 15 years and have worked in many places. It's shocking to me to see how many providers are not using standards of care.

The most important to me is the use of real ear measurements. If real ear measurements are not used, the fitting and programming are just a guess.

I see a lot of transfer patients who are not happy with their hearing aids and the fix is easy and the best part is how thrilled the patient is with the sound after using these practices!

I became an Audiologist to help people on their hearing health journey and I love it when patients point out my excitement over their hearing improvement! Improving someone's quality of life makes me smile!

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Harbor City Hearing Solutions

We are proud to be a part of the HearingUp Network providing top-quality audiological care to our patients. The providers in the HearingUp Network have committed to following Audiology best practices as well as several additional criteria to ensure the best interests of individuals with hearing loss are being taken into account.

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