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Auditory Processing Disorder in Melbourne, FL

APD makes it challenging to comprehend and analyze verbally offered information. Adults with auditory processing disorders may struggle to understand what they are reading, have problems listening, or miscommunicate with family, colleagues, coworkers, and partners.

APD affects between 3% and 5% of school-aged children. Children with this APD are not as able to comprehend what they hear as other children are. This is due to a lack of full coordination between their ears and brains.

Harbor City Hearing Solutions offers diagnosis and management of auditory processing disorder to residents of Melbourne, FL, and neighboring communities.

How common is auditory processing disorder?

Any age group may be afflicted by auditory processing dysfunction. APD is more common in children than in adults, though it can sometimes appear later in life. Data show that between 2% and 7% of children have APD, with men being diagnosed with the condition more frequently than women. 

A child with an auditory processing disorder may experience significant learning and developmental delays. If APD is not addressed, learning issues may follow. To rule out further potential causes of learning disabilities, a proper diagnosis is necessary.

Auditory processing disorder diagnosis

The condition can be identified by an audiologist who specializes in auditory processing. Auditory processing issues are often challenging to identify in very young children. Before making a diagnosis, an audiologist will make sure the child does not have hearing loss. 

Older children may be asked to participate in a variety of tasks that include listening to noises, words, and phrases and providing different types of responses. Based on how well a kid does on these tests, an audiologist can determine if the child has an auditory processing issue. The audiologist may also use a variety of tests to figure out how the child’s brain interprets auditory information.

Is auditory processing disorder part of ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) are two separate clinical diseases with differing diagnostic standards. However, these disorders have various traits in common, such as being easily distracted and unfocused. A thorough and accurate diagnosis must be performed to ensure that the correct interventions are put in place.

How to manage auditory processing disorder

There are many ways to assist children who have difficulties with auditory processing. It is essential to get an accurate diagnosis in order to get the appropriate intervention. 

Audiologists and speech-language pathologists may need to work together to address auditory processing disorders and fill in communication gaps. Some strategies include developing a child’s ability to hear sounds more clearly and follow spoken instructions that are longer and more complex. Carefully crafted and acoustically modified computer programs and software may also help in retraining the brain to process sound more effectively.

Auditory Processing Disorder in Melbourne, FL

As part of our commitment to make world-class hearing healthcare available in Melbourne, FL, and nearby communities, Harbor City Hearing Solutions offers diagnostic services and management of auditory processing disorders. 

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