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What Options Are There For VA Hearing Aids?

Veterans who have experienced hearing loss can benefit from VA hearing aids. A veterans’ communication and quality of life can be enhanced by hearing aids. Through the Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans can purchase VA hearing aids. A veteran must have a hearing loss-related disability rating of at least 50% in order to be eligible for VA hearing aids. 

VA Hearing Aids and Benefits

Veterans who qualify for VA hearing aids can receive hearing devices and related services at more than 150 VA medical facilities nationwide. VA has a network of more than 1,700 audiologists who work in their private practices and are contracted with VA to provide VA hearing aid services.

Your hearing aid repairs, batteries, and ear molds will all be covered by VA. The VA will also cover any specialist services you require, such as cochlear implants (technologies that give the deaf or hard of hearing a sense of sound).

You must visit a VA audiologist in order to get VA hearing aid treatments. You can obtain VA hearing aid services at a VA medical facility or from local audiologists who have contracts with the VA.

VA service-connected disability and compensation for hearing loss 

If your hearing loss is a VA service-connected disability, you may be qualified to receive a monthly cash benefit. The allowance’s amount is determined by your hearing loss’s severity, whether it affects one or both ears, and whether you also experience tinnitus.

Auditory Processing Disorder Among Veterans

Even when there is no hearing loss, auditory processing disorder (APD), which affects many veterans, can make it challenging to understand speech. Damage to the hearing or brain brought on by exposure to loud noise, head injuries, or other conditions can result in APD. Veterans with APD can be qualified for VA benefits, including monthly cash payments, cost-free VA healthcare, and access to specialist VA services.

Consult your physician or a VA audiologist if you suspect that you may have APD. Audiologists with the VA can conduct diagnostic tests and treat APD. If you suffer from additional hearing-related illnesses like acoustic neuroma or tinnitus (ear ringing), you can also be qualified for VA benefits.

Veteran Benefits for Hearing Health Care

You might qualify for VA benefits to pay for hearing aids and other services if you served in the military and are now dealing with hearing loss, tinnitus, or other issues connected to hearing.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides a wide range of benefits for veterans with hearing loss, including:

  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Hearing aid maintenance and repairs
  • Communication devices
  • Tinnitus counseling

You can apply for VA benefits by mail, online, or in person at your local VA office.

How to Apply for VA Hearing Aids

Veterans can apply in person at their local VA office or online for a VA disability rating. You will be issued a voucher to present to a participating VA practitioner if you are qualified for hearing aids under the VA program.

Please get in touch with your nearest VA office if you have any queries concerning VA hearing aids.

Approved for VA Hearing Aids: What’s Next?

According to the VA’s 2014 guidance for eye and ear care, all Veterans who are authorized for health care benefits will have their hearing assessed by an audiologist who is certified by their state. This will decide whether they require hearing aids.

Contact a representative at the closest VA medical facility if you require additional information regarding hearing aid coverage via the VA. You can visit the official VA compensation page to get started.

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