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Lyric Hearing Aids

Lyric hearing aids are popular for being subscription hearing aids.

What is a “subscription hearing aid”? As the name implies, subscription hearing aids require a user to pay for the device and any included services on a regular basis.

Keep reading to know more about hearing aids that are sold on a subscription basis.

Phonak Lyric Hearing Aids

Lyric hearing aids are are designed to be small, inconspicuous devices that lie deep inside the ear canal. You can use them around the clock for months at a time.

Since Lyric is positioned deep inside the ear canal, the device is almost completely invisible. It does not require replacement or charging. Enjoy the benefits of improved hearing without anyone knowing.

Lyric hearing aids are highly-discreet, durable, and designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

Features and Benefits of Lyric hearing aids

Lyric is under the popular hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak. This is Phonak’s option for individuals who are looking for a highly-discreet, high-performance hearing aid that can last for months inside the ear.

Below are some notable features of Lyric hearing aids:

  • Completely invisible
  • Natural, localized sound
  • Can be worn 24/7
  • Availabe in 7 sizes (XXS-XXL)
  • Analog sound processing for a more realistic listening experience
  • May help minimize tinnitus and improve sleep quality in tinnitus patients

Features and Benefits of Lyric Hearing Aids

  • Digital Platform: Whisper runs on a state-of-the-art digital platform that is frequently updated and enhanced. Enjoy real-time updates, improved sound processing, and access to newly-installed features with Whisper hearing aid technology.
  • Whisper Brain: The Whisper Brain is a tiny device that uses an artificial intelligence-powered Sound Separation Engine to enhance sound in real – time basis. It also supports iPhone connectivity through a phone app that serves as a consumer interface.
  • Sound Separation Engine: Whisper hearing aids include a Sound Separation Engine, which is designed to process sounds in real time and intelligently adjusts in any listening situation.

Whisper Hearing Aids

Whisper hearing aids are a new type of subscription hearing aid. They are small and concealable devices that are placed deep within the ear canal. Whisper earpieces can be worn for up to 4 months without requiring to be taken off while sleeping, exercising, showering, etc. Whisper hearing aids are completely customizable and provide clear and sound.

What is the Whisper hearing system?

The Whisper Hearing System is a smart hearing device that gets smarter with use. Rather than owning rapidly outdated hearing technology, Whisper aims to offer regular software upgrades every few months including new features and better sound processing.

Difference between Subscription Hearing Aids and Traditional Hearing Aids?

Subscription hearing aids require payment for the device and its features for a set number of months. Subscriptions, renewals, and other similar arrangements are not required for traditional hearing aids.

Additionally, subscription hearing aids are packaged with services, repairs, and replacements for the covered subscription period. Traditional hearing aids can be purchased “unbundled,” which means that services, repairs, or replacements need to be paid separately.

Considerations When Buying Hearing Aids

Hearing aids cost a significant amount of money, which means that purchasing them should not be done on an impulse. Careful discerning and research, along with recommendations from an audiologist is recommended.

Below are essential factors to consider if you are on the process of hearing aid selection:

  • Degree of hearing loss
  • Budget
  • Lifestyle
  • Design
  • Features
  • Customer support

If you are considering subscription hearing aids, speak with an audiologist or hearing healthcare professional to learn more about their features and benefits.

Lyric Hearing Aids in Melbourne, FL

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