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Real Ear Measurements with Photo

I know I have blogged about the Importance of Real Ear Measurements, but I thought I would post a picture as well.


It's truly amazing to me how many people do not use this practice, it is so incredibly helpful to improve audibility for a patient with hearing devices.  

Today, I spoke to a patient who I just saw yesterday...she said she completely forgot the clock in her bathroom "tick-tocked".  She has been wearing hearing aids for at least 3 years and had hearing loss for many years prior...she was never programmed using REM, therefore, she was missing so many normal sounds!!

The goal is for soft, medium and loud inputs to match the targets based on the individual's hearing loss. 


Below, you can see a graphic that shows how well the input is matching target, especially in the mid and high pitches.  At this time, I am not trying to match targets in the low pitches due to the individual's hearing loss. 




I can't stress the importance of Real Ear Measurements enough...if you are currently wearing a hearing aid or two, give me a call and we can work together to improve the quality of your hearing which in turn will improve the quality of your life!!!


Happy hearing, 

Dr. Liz White